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Attend Live, Online, from home, and enjoy our 94% 1st Time Pass Rate on the Certification Exams, while saving thousands in costs by not having to travel! No recorded class presentations used, we provide Live Classroom Instruction for ALL our courses, with students & instructor discussing all materials, diagrams, systems, components, etc., while reviewing the most recent A&P License test questions for the Certification Exams taken during class. All courses provide eligible AMT's (Aviation Maintenance Technicians) with a thorough preparation for the entire Examination & Certification Process. Attend one of our Licensing Courses and receive our complete Oral & Practical Preparation . . .
, an extra $600 value ! (Includes - O&P Study Guide, Research Assignment, & 12 A&P Handbook/Order E-Copies.)

This website contains the following

Airframe and Powerplant License Information.

How To Start The A&P Licensing Process
How to Determine A&P License Eligibility
Gathering The Required Documentation
Interview To Get A&P License Testing Approval
How To Prepare For The A&P Certification Exams
Our Airframe & Powerplant License Prep School
Taking The A&P License Computer & O&P Exams
Finding FAA Approved Examination Centers
Study/Reference Material for A&P Applicants
Finding Oral & Practical Examiners

FAA A&P License Regulations

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Our classes simplify the process of obtaining an: Airframe and Powerplant License!
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